Monday, April 16, 2012

Continue only if you own a Toolbox

New Blog. Just some thoughts. Will try to stay clean and simple.

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1st Post. Man in Berlin.

For the last few days, we are re-furnishing & home-improving our apartment in Ostkreuz. I have been already twice in IKEA, once in Baumarkt, once in a small tool shop and twice in flea-markets.
Today, I went to Hellweg in Ostbanhof.

If you're a man of skill.. or a craft.. or just know your way around a toolbox, you'd love this one...
There's this cliche of comparing a man in a tool shop to a kid in a toy store, well, after half an hour in Hellweg, my cart was half full ! - I went in to buy 3 pieces of wood !!!
The place is HUGE! maybe 4 times The hole Berghain building! but as quite as a small village in the country side... Products lay on sky scraping shelves, with a German tide and clean touch, and at the high end of each shelve you can see the products from the same column, as they be used in someones home.
You could find there any kind of screw or nail, any kind of tool that human mind could think of, working clothes and shoes, furniture, building materials, garden tools or gardens, pool houses and pools, carpets, water tanks, and many more things that I just didn't have the time to check 'cos I got there at 18:50 and they close at 20:00 (yeah, that's right, I was wondering around in there for about an hour...!)
On top of that, you can find services in there for almost everything I just mentioned! kitchen building, garden planning, rooftop sealing... everything...
I used their Wood cutting service, which is of course free (I paid only for the wood after they cut it for me!). The service man was a young nice guy, who helped me choosing the right thickness for my shelves and the right color. After writing everything down, he took the paper, went to a huge wall with thousands of wood pieces sorted out and arrange by size, color, material, took 3 pieces, and came back to the sawing machine which was attached to the wall!! it was something like that only attached to the wall to save room and make it more easy for the service man.
145 seconds and I had 3 pieces of wood, exactly as I requested.

In conclusion, I took out some of the stuff I shoved into the cart, for as I do not really need them right now (although I am sure I will one day!) and I had a great day out, in the Hellweg, looking forward to the next time...

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