Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"diga diga doo diga doo doo..." Or what is Electro Swing?

Intro -

not so recently, I started playing the Electro Swing style music. that's one crazy genre...
it is becoming more and more known in the past few years and more Bands, Producers, Djs, Labels and Booking agencies are stepping in.

My 1st encounter with this style of music was about 3 years ago, at the Fusion Festival, in an Alle Farben Dj Set. He played there lots of genres like Latin, Jazz, Balkan, but what caught my ears was the Swing sound!
since then I attended a few more shows from him, and he is one of the pioneers in this field. he has some remixes/re-sampled tracks that he made, by taking an original 1920's song or tune, looping it and adding some beats and bass... well, since then many more have done the same (including yours truly).

This would be a good moment to explain in a few seconds about the style/genre of music.
when most of us read or hear the word "Electro" we tend to imagine this - which is very commercial music and in my taste - very bad (of course there's also some good stuff). instead, the "Electro" in the Electro Swing, stands for more easy style music, and something that I find easy to connect with, such as this.

This whole genre is built upon the 1920's Swing/Jazz. almost every Electro Swing track will hold inside some original sampled music from the last century. for example Duke Ellington - It don't mean a thing, which now is all over the web, in 1000 different remixes and variations. Another popular one is Bei Mir Bistu Schein which was sang by The Andrews Sisters and now also can be found in 100 Electro versions (one, two, three, four...).
Some of the stars in this genre are totally acoustic artists, which means - Bands. They simply create Original music, in the style of the 1920's. on of my personal favorites are Django Lassi. others do the same, and add on top of their old style music, some electronic beats like Caravan Palace...
These days, more and more labels are jumping in and releasing Records, EPs, Remixes and Compilations every day. Ludwig Sound, Electro Swing RevolutionKallias, Etage Noir, and more...

to conclude, I have to say - I love this genre and will play, remix, produce and enjoy it for long time... :)

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